Variety of Ice Creams

Cool yourself this summer with Tropical treats at Gatox

With the onset of summer, a lot of delicious desserts have crawled into the market, the TV commercials and even our refrigerators. Remember those good old days when we could laze around on a summer afternoon in our grand parents’ house enjoying a creamy Ice Cream? Don’t let it remain a nostalgic memory from the past for, its time to relive those summers again. We’ve got the ice creams for you, all you need is some time to enjoy!

There are so many flavours to try from, and then there are our favourites that we cannot just resist.  Here we have made a list of our favourites from our menu, specially curated for you in case you are wondering which one to choose:

  1. Mango:
    Our first choice, for obvious reasons, is none other than the ‘King of fruits’, mangoes. Come summers and we think of having the yummy aamras, the cooling and tangy aam panna, and practically every dessert we can include mangoes in.
    They are good for skin, eyesight, prevent cancer, help in digestion and strengthen the immune system, and all this while keeping you calories and blood sugar in check. And all these benefits while eating an ice cream, it isn’t the king for no reason.
  2. Jackfruit:
    You know jackfruits are the largest fruits, with some weighing upto 35 kilograms! Well, as much as they are big in size, jackfruits are big on the nutrients, too. They are a rich source of Vitamin A, C, minerals, calcium and fibre. They are also beneficial in asthma and help in anti-aging. Is there something this fruit doesn’t do? Since we know it can be a task to eat the fruit itself, we’ve made it into an ice cream for you. A dessert and a miracle fruit in one serving, now that’s truly a perfect blend!
  3. Chocolate:
    This one is our ever favourite. We don’t think there is anyone who would say no to a deliciously tempting cup of chocolate ice-cream. Be it young or old, everyone loves everything chocolate. Not only does it taste amazing, it’s also a rich source of antioxidants, flavanols and fatty acids, all of which maintain our youthful glow. Did you know that chocolate is also increases brain function? Time to sneak a scoop in your study room.
  4. Watermelon:
    Doesn’t it feel heavenly to have a juicy watermelon on a hot summer afternoon?! It hydrates your body, that helps cooling you down. And did you know that even after being 92% water, it is a nutrient dense fruit. It’s anti-inflammatory, contain vitamin A and C in high levels and essential minerals. We say, skip water and have a serving of our watermelon ice-cream, that’ll taste as heavenly, but without the hassle of cutting the fruit.
  5. Guava:
    A fruit that is good for the heart, prevents cancer, helps in weight loss and reminds us of those long summer afternoons when our grannies used to serve them with a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper. Our mouth just watered thinking of that. Why don’t you take a bite of our delicious guava ice cream served with the touch of those memories, and we bet you’ll travel back to the good old days in a bite, what say?!
  6. Dry Fruits:
    How do we have the rich taste of dry fruits in sweltering summers when Grandma always says to have them in winters? Simple, we mix them up with an ice-cream. Whether you love cashews, almonds, dates or just like all of the variety, we’ll serve you a scoop that’s so rich in every bite, you might just order a whole family pack!


What’s better is that we prepare your ice cream with 100% natural fruits, without any artificial colours or flavours. So the next time you crave for a dessert after a meal, during a break, to get relief from the scorching heat or just want to treat your taste buds to the yummy flavours, head straight to your nearest Gatox outlet.

We serve a variety of desserts including ice creams, thick shakes, milkshakes and mocktails in flavours you’ll love and taste you won’t be able to resist, and seasonal flavours are a speciality at Gatox.

So eat here or takeaway, it’ll still be the tastiest taste fest for your taste buds!

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